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2023 Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship Cohort

Founder(s): 1

Founded: 2011

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Category: Digital Content

About the company

Snapplify enables digital learning for individuals and institutions via the largest digital education marketplace in Africa. Through Its comprehensive ecosystem, Snapplify provides schools, colleges, and universities a platform to access, distribute, and manage digital educational resources such as e-books, e-textbooks, audiobooks, and interactive multimedia content.

E-learning in Africa faces significant challenges, including limited internet connectivity, frequent power outages, a digital divide between urban and rural areas, affordability issues, inadequate teacher training in technology, lack of relevant and localized content, language barriers, student engagement concerns, difficulties in ensuring assessment integrity, and the absence of comprehensive policies and regulations to support and standardize e-learning implementation. These challenges collectively impede the widespread adoption and effectiveness of e-learning in the country's educational landscape. Snapplify's platform is designed to simplify the process of acquiring and distributing digital educational materials, enabling educators and students to seamlessly integrate technology into their teaching and learning experiences



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2023 Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship Cohort

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