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Angaza Elimu

2023 Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship Cohort

Founder(s): 1

Founded: 2017

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Category: Online Learning

About the company

Angaza Elimu is focused on transforming Primary and Secondary education in Kenya by leveraging technology to improve access to quality education in Kenya on demand through an interactive adaptive e-learning platform, teacher development training, and IoT school.

Despite the recent gains in access to education in Kenya, millions of students and youth do not have access to quality and relevant education. The literacy and numeracy rates are on the decline putting the pupil-teacher ratio(PTR) at 56:1 against the recommended ratio of PTR of 40:1. Traditional learning and teaching models have proven to be ineffective in meeting students' learning needs. Teachers are overwhelmed by routine administrative tasks and large volumes of classes. This clearly indicates that the education system is in dire need of innovation to address the disparities. Angaza Elimu is focused on transforming primary and secondary education in Kenya and beyond by implementing innovative and affordable modern models of learning and teaching.



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2023 Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship Cohort

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