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Founder(s): 1

Founded: 2015

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Category: Learning Management System

About the company

Elewa is an innovative Edtech solution that provides interactive and accessible learning experiences to empower learners in Africa and other emerging markets. Elewa delivers educational content in a conversational format, leveraging popular messaging platforms.

Organizations wanting to train thousands of beneficiaries are usually confronted with a series of challenges which ranges from timing, logistical, financial and project management issues and they have limited tools to assess the effectiveness of their training programs. These limit the effectiveness and the extent to which the organizations are able to deliver the training to achieve the desired learning outcomes for the student. By making use of affordable and readily accessible technology, Elewa enables organizations to train an unlimited number of beneficiaries, at a much faster pace and at a fraction of the cost of traditional training methods. The solution also comes with extensive online and real-time assessment, measurement and evaluation options



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